LIVWELL Collection - 4 Pack


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Save when you order all four LIVWELL Sauces in a convenient 4 pack!

Perfect for a week’s worth of meals, or as a gift for a friend.

Tuscan Butternut and Sage Sauce

Tuscan cooking is known for simple, fresh ingredients. This sauce is crafted with sweet butternut squash, extra virgin olive oil, and savory sage, creating a rich and creamy sauce, without the guilt! Packed with Vitamins A & E, this sauce creates an easy meal with pasta and pairs beautifully with polenta, pizza, flatbread, salad or roasted vegetables.

Calabrian Chili Pepper Romesco Sauce

Calabrian cooking is known for spicy and powerful ingredients including garlic, herbs, and chili peppers. This sauce is a beautiful balance of charred tomatoes, garlic, and roasted red peppers, enhanced with Calabrian chili peppers for an extra kick. Rich in Vitamins C & E, this sauce is perfect for serving with pasta, grilled chicken, vegetables, crispy potatoes, eggs, and more.

Sicilian Zucchini and Lemon Sauce

Fresh basil, zucchini and a kiss of Sicilian lemon marry to make a delicious flavorful sauce that conjures up memories of summer.  This sauce can be enjoyed over pasta or as a vegetable side dish.  Our founders mother grew up on a similar sauce and has been a staple in her family for over a century dating back to early 1900’s in Southern Italy.

Creamy Tuscan Vegetable and Herb Sauce

Tuscan cooking is known for simple, fresh ingredients. Our version of a vegan vodka sauce, this sauce boasts 7 vegetables and a touch of our signature LIVWELL vegan protein (cashews) to make dinner creamy, luxurious, and ready in no time - without the guilt! This highly versatile, nutrient-dense sauce is delicious on pasta, lasagna, pizza, flatbread, eggs, seafood, or to dress up chicken cutlets or steak.... any way you use it, everyone will be asking for more!


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